Tuesday, May 6, 2008

DWTS - Sinko de Mayo

The two leader board stalwarts--Kristi and Jason--were upset by the one-armed bandito, Cristian last night. In fact, pretty much all the dancers were stumped--or stomped during the Latin round, except for Chilean native de la Fuente. It started out predictably enough with both Kristi and Jason earning 29s for their Ballroom dances, the Quickstep and the Tango. Cristian also danced the Tango, cautiously and favoring his injured arm. I think the judges were a bit generous with their score of 28--although I have to admit, he did a pretty nifty lift at the end--with only ONE arm!

But as everyone else tanked in the Latin round, Cristian and Cheryl danced an energetic Mambo that proved Cristian definitely has the hot Latin thing going on. He earned a 29 for his electric performance, bringing his total to 57--the highest score of the night. The judges were put off by Kristi's trick-filled Samba and she only got a 26. That was way better than how they felt about Jason's Samba, which only earned him a 23!!! I think the last time anyone got a 23, Adam Carolla was still on the show...

Even Edyta forcing Jason to get the most effective weapon in the ballroom dancer's arsenal--a spray tan--did not help. It did, however, lead to the best line on last night's show as Jason protested, "I have a tan! God gave me a tan." Funny AND hot and a terrific dancer. I still think Jason's gonna give Kristi a run for her money as they both make it to the finals. Another great line: Len telling Mario his dancing was reminiscent of Britney Spears getting out of a car. Oh, snap!

Still, I think Jason and Kristi--along with high-scoring Cristian--will be safe at tomorrow's results show. Look for Marissa, who scored a pair of 25s for her Foxtrot and Mambo, and Mario, who scored 27 for his Waltz and 26 for his Jive, to be in the bottom two--with Marissa departing the dance floor.

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