Monday, May 26, 2008

R.I.P. Sydney Pollack

Director, producer, actor
Sydney Pollack
died of cancer today at age 73. If he had directed nothing but the brilliant Tootsie, I'd still be upset over his passing. But he's associated with a slew of great films and if you haven't seen them, you should definitely add these to your Netflix queue:

1. Tootsie - Directed and had a small cameo as Michael's (Dustin Hoffman) befuddled agent.

2. Michael Clayton - Produced and had a pivotal role in this legal thriller starring George Clooney.

3. The Firm - Directed and produced this Tom Cruise vehicle which was adaptated from the John Grisham novel. I've never read Grisham, but I sure do like his books as movies.

4. The Talented Mr. Ripley - Produced this terrifically engrossing flick with Matt Damon in the title role as a psychopathic killer.

5. Sense and Sensibility - Executive Producer of Emma Thompson's adaptation of this Jane Austen classsic.

6. White Palace - Executive Producer of the drama starring Susan Sarandon and James Spader.

7. The Player - Had a small role in this classic Robert Altman flick.

8. Searching for Bobby Fischer - Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated coming of age story.

Not to mention his direction Oscar winning Out of Africa, Absence of Malice, Three Days of the Condor and many, many more. Or his recurring turn on Will and Grace as Will's Dad, George Truman.

Sigh. He will be missed...

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