Wednesday, May 7, 2008

DWTS - Mario Moves On

Well, I was certainly surprised by last night's results show. I fully expected Mario to make it to the finals, but he was eliminated before the semi-final round. The first name called as being "safe"? Marissa--who I had predicted to be leaving the ballroom. Now, the Dancing with the Stars producers pulled another fast one on us--there was no bottom two to gauge the other weak competitor. So, Marissa may very well have been in jeopardy. Still, I'm glad the spunky spitfire made it for one more week--although I will miss Mario's hotness. He was exceptionally gracious--even going as far as thanking the judges. So I get one point for predicting that Mario would be in the bottom two (had there BEEN a bottom two!) and DWTS gets one for Marissa's save. That's me=8, DWTS=5. Next week it's Marissa vs. Cristian as I'm fairly certain the final showdown will be between Kristi and Jason.

Last night was a celebration of 100 episodes of Dancing with the Stars, starting with a rehash of the judges top ten favorite dances from the first five seasons:

10. Kelly Monaco's Freestyle from Season One
9. Sabrina Bryan's Paso Doble from Season Five
8. Emmitt Smith's Cha cha cha from Season Three
7. Apolo Ono's Quickstep from Season Four
6. Joey Fatone's Jive from Season Three
5. Helio Castroneves Quickstep from Season Five
4. Drew Lachey's Freestyle from Season Two (this was my numero uno!)
3. Stacy Keibler's Samba from Season Two
2. Mel B.'s Paso Doble from Season Five
1. Mario Lopez's Tango from Season Three

The show also featured former cast members performances and reminiscence and the billionth replay of the Marie Osmond fainting clip. Poor Marie! But have you seen her lately flacking for Jenny Craig? She looks awesome!

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