Friday, May 2, 2008

LOST - Something Nice Back Home

What did we learn from last night's episode?

1. Jack is a major control freak. Okay, we already knew that--but only taking a local anesthetic and watching your own appendectomy really pushes the limits. I couldn't even watch Jack's surgery! Ew, ew, ew!!! The whole thing was reminiscent of the first episode when he and Kate first met and she stitched up his wound after the crash...

2. Flashforward Jack has schedule problems. Could the time warp properties of the island be causing this?

3. Speaking of time, the flashforward is this episode occurred some time before that in The Looking Glass but after Eggtown when Jack gets over his squeamishness about Aaron (He was reading to him from Alice in Wonderland--a tip of the hat to the companion book, Through the Looking Glass...) and even gets engaged to Kate. Was anyone surprised about that? I thought the house he was in looked familiar--"That looks like Kate's house!" I said to myself. The clues of women's lingerie and Jack stepping on a toy (a model of the Millennium Falcon--the writers are all big Star Wars freaks...) took the edge off that little twist.

4. Sawyer lives! And somehow Kate is doing something for him. But Jack said Sawyer chose to stay. He's not one of the Oceanic Six and he's not dead and apparently he's still on the island. So how can he call Kate? And didn't she say on the phone something about "Jack's never home before eight...You can stay for at least an hour..."? How can she "do something" for Sawyer? And is he the "him" that Kate refers to in The Looking Glass episode when she meets Jack at the airport? I'm pretty sure she was referring to Aaron, but the fact that there is some communication with Sawyer is puzzling...

5. Danielle Rousseau is truly dead--or as dead as anyone on the island can be. As Claire, Aaron, Sawyer and Miles are hiking back to the beach, Miles hears "voices." He then discovers the bodies of Danielle and Karl. R.I.P. Rousseau. Damn--I really wanted to see her flashback...

6. Christian Shepherd is truly dead as well. Otherwise Jack (who appears to be turning into his substance abusing Daddy) wouldn't be so spooked about seeing him. Even if Hurley did warn him that Charlie said someone's going to be visiting you, too. Hurley gives Jack a message from Charlie: "You're not supposed to raise him, Jack."

7. Claire has visions (Are they visions?) of Christian as well. She awakes in the jungle to see Christian holding Aaron. "Dad?" she says. Miles hears her leave in the middle of the night with someone she calls "Dad," but he doesn't mention having SEEN Christian. Sawyer rushes to find Claire and instead finds an abandoned Aaron. Wonder if we'll see Claire again?

8. Daniel Faraday has a crush on Charlotte. I'm guessing the only reason that's important was to be the illumination for Jin of the next point...

9. Charlotte understands and speaks Korean. Jin tells her that when the helicopter comes for her, he wants Sun on it. Charlotte agrees.

Questions raised:

1. Rose wonders why Jack got sick. Bernard says it happens but Rose insists, "Not here. Here they get better." Why DID Jack get sick? Is the island pissed at him for trying to leave? (By the way, anyone else amused by the juxtaposition of the Tums commercial following the scene where Jack insists he has food poisoning?)

2. What did Hurley mean when he said, "Because we're dead..." I believe the producers have insisted that the crash survivors are NOT dead and the island is NOT some kind of Purgatory. Hurley tells Jack that his idyllic life with Kate and Aaron is "just like Heaven."

3. Juliet tells Kate that Jack kissed her--but that he did it to try to prove to himself he wasn't in love with someone else. That someone else being Kate. After Kate leaves the tent, she tells Jack, "I know you're awake." What was that about?

4. When Kate tells Jack she can't have him "this way" around her child, Jack angrily tells her, "You're not even related to him!" Does he know that he IS?

5. The episode began with yet another eye opening (This time it's Jack's). This is a big recurring theme of the show. I'm sure it means something more than just a way cool shot...

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