Thursday, September 4, 2008

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 11

My friend Hollie was astonished when I admitted to watching this. In my defense, I primarily watch for the photo shoots (Yeah, like all those guy who "read" Playboy just for the articles...). I'm not sure that I'll be investing much time in this cycle--I've decided to focus on the delicious Lee Pace and Pushing Daisies on Wednesdays instead.

But a few thoughts on this go-round so far:

  • My faves, in order: Sheena, Isis, Elina and McKey (aka Brittany--one of THREE this cycle!). I love Sheena's open-minded and gracious attitude, Isis' (the first transgender contestant--how funny that Nigel was clueless until Tyra told him during judging!) strength and grace, Elina's intelligent and integrity and McKey's fighting (she's into martial arts big time!) spirit.
  • Two of my least favorites didn't make it to the final fourteen (Kacey and Susan), but Clark not only made it, but has now gone on to the next round. She had one of the weakest photos, but the judges will keep her around because she's this cycle's resident bitch. Sharaun, who also annoyed me, was voted off the show last night.
  • I also find Marjorie's incessant insecurities annoying. Hopefully having the number one photo of the week will allay her nerves.
  • The constant shrieking is also irritating. It's like watching an episode of "Oprah's Favorite Things."
No plus-sized girls this cycle--the only contender was Lindsey, who looked too much like last year's winner, Whitney. In the last four cycles, we've had a classic blonde (CariDee), brunette/Latina (Jasleen), perky Black girl (Saleisha) and plus-sized blonde (Whitney). Therefore to continue the diversity, I'd predict that Sheena (Japanese/Korean) or Isis (transgender) have the best shot at winning.

That they are gorgeous, naturally talented and two of my favorites only makes it more appropriate.

Let the catfights begin!

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