Friday, September 12, 2008

Attack of the Killer Squirrel(s) - part deux

(I spent most of last evening and the greater part of today trying to install Google's new Chrome browser on my laptop. Problem is, Chrome requires Service Pack 2 installed on Windows XP. Service Pack 2 mires my computer into such a state of slowness that it's like watching hair grow. No amount of tweaking would fix that. So, alas--no Chrome for moi!)

A follow-up to my squirrel story from my sister Laurie. It seems these critters reputation for being skittish and well, "squirrelly," may be one big disguise design to throw us simple humanoids off track:

"We have had an ongoing feud with squirrels here (that would be in Williamsburg, VA), but I think we’ve final won the battle. When we first moved in, we put up a bird feeder off the second story deck at the back of the house. One day I was sitting downstairs working on the computer when I noticed showers of bird food coming from above and two squirrels on the ground stuffing as much of the food as they could in their fat little cheeks.

I told Dennis (Laurie's hubby and my brother-in-law) that if I didn’t know better I would think the squirrels were working in collusion. He laughed at me. But when we ran upstairs – I swear to God -- we found two squirrels, one at each end of the porch, keeping watch and one squirrel in the feeder scraping food out as fast as possible! When they saw us, the “look-out” squirrels started screaming in squirrel speak and everyone scattered! It was amazing.

We finally got one of those bubbles for the feeder… the squirrels still can’t resist the temptation and about once a month and we watch a squirrel take a two story tumble. I always have to look to make sure nobody got hurt, but when I look down from the deck, there’s always a little squirrel shaking his little fist at me and -- again I swear -- cursing me!"
Hmm, I don't think my little squirrel friend was cursing me, but he was most definitely a cheeky bastard.

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