Thursday, September 25, 2008

Strip Away Stress and Get Nude!

Barney's New York is sort of a fashionista's and beauty junkie's playground. It is our Disneyland. Y'all can go on Space Mountain--I'll be over here at the skincare counter! (It's also where I first met fellow beauty junkie, Stevie Wilson over eight years ago!) So when I got the call about Sava Spa savant Joanna Czech at Barney's giving facials using nude skincare products, I was sooo there!

I've been under a lot of stress and a facial sounded like just the ticket. And in Joanna's capable but gentle hands, I felt all my worries melt away. Joanna, whose exclusive New York City spa services the likes of Kyra Sedgwick, Christy Turlington and Uma Thurman, has long been an advocate of a more gentle, nourishing and protective form of skin care. It seems our long held "no pain, no gain" mentality of acids and exfoliation and lasers has been counterproductive in achieving the healthy, glowing skin tone that we all long for. nude's philosophy, which is shared by Joanna, is to protect the skin's natural acid mantle through the use of probiotic ingredients.

Starting with nude's cleansing facial oil, Joanna gently cleansed my skin. I love how gentle and yet thorough this cleanser is--it leaves my skin clean, but moist and supple! She followed up with the facial scrub which contains ulta fine beads of rose quartz. Rose Quartz--how amazing is that?!!!

Spritzing my skin with the hydrating water, Joanna then used the replenishing night oil to give me a facial massage. And a neck massage. And a shoulder massage!


After applying the miracle mask, which contains natural AHAs and mandarin along with red ginseng, she finished me off with a mixture of the advanced smoothing complex and replenishing night oil. Pure bliss!

If you're a lucky New Yorker, check out the lovely Joanna Czech at Sava Spa, 211 Pinehurst Avenue, New York 10033, 212.543.0008. nude skincare is available at Barney's New York, select Sephoras and online at

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