Monday, September 22, 2008

Dexter ROCKS (and Rolls!)

When I went to my mailbox today, what should I see inside but this awesome sight! Dexter Magazine!

Actually, the faux Rolling Stone cover was an ad on the back of the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Flipped upside down so it looks like the front cover of "Dexter."


The front cover of Rolling Stone features the not nearly as hot guys from Metallica.


I haven't even opened it yet--I just keep staring at the cover.

The Dexter one, not the Metallica one.

Is someone gonna tape season three for me or what?


  1. NICE picture. I picked up US Weekly for a flight today and discovered a similar cover (along with several pages inside). If you find someone to record Dexter, invite me along!!

  2. And no fluffy hair, either! LOL!!!

    Maybe we can wheedle and plead with Hollie. I believe she gets Showtime...