Thursday, September 25, 2008

DWTS - 2 down, 11 to go!

It's only week one but two contestants have already been voted off Dancing with the Stars this week. In a marathon that had couples doing two dances over the course of two nights, season seven has gotten off to quite a start.

I thought it was a bit sadistic of the producers to make the couple wait out the entire show not knowing if they would get a second chance to dance, or shown the door. It was especially mean that they made soap diva Susan Lucci wait until almost the last moment (as if her 21 year wait for an Emmy wasn't punishment enough!). Comedian Jeffrey Ross (yeah, I've never heard of him either!) was booted off Tuesday night. Too bad for his professional partner Edyta who, until last season's pairing with Jason Taylor, never manages to make it very far in the competition.

Ted McGinley, who was paired with new pro Inna, received his walking papers tonight. Too bad--he was kinda charming and I was really rooting for Kim Kardashian to have her @$$ kicked off the show. She's just a terrible dancer and the whole "I'm so shy" act is weird. Who appears on a reality show if they're reserved? It makes no sense!

As far as handicapping the contestants goes, from what I've seen Brooke Burke and Toni Braxton are favorites with the judges, so I expect them to do well in the competition. Both Burke and Braxton have greatly toned down their public personas for this competition. Who would know that Toni Braxton is a sultry R&B diva the way she keeps her eyes downcast during judging? And Burke is playing the "Aw, shucks--me, sexy?" card. I think this will eventually work against both of them. Humility is great, but false modesty is not.

For male contestants, my money is on Lance Bass. The so-called "worse dancer in 'NSYNC" is still one of the best dancers in the competition. And I'm thoroughly surprised by Hannah Montana's (Ugh--just typing that made me ill!) Cody Linley. I wasn't expecting much of him, but he's kinda adorable in a puppy dog kinda way. And he's paired with equally adorable Julianne Hough. I wouldn't be surprised to see him make it to the finals.

Cloris Leachman (who seems to be channeling Lucille Ball) is this season's lovable geezer--and she's playing the part with gusto! If the 82 year-old Leachman weren't on the show, 61 year o-ld Susan Lucci would take oldest cast member honors. Does she look awesome or what?

Dancing with the Stars has often been touted as a great weight loss program for some of its contestants. Joey Fatone and Marie Osmond both praised the competition for helping them shed pounds. But it looks like a couple of the pros having been slacking off while on hiatus and could use a bit of the show's trimming effects. Was it just me or was both Cheryl Burke and Karina Smirnoff a bit thicker/poochier in the middle? Of course neither of have anything on Cloris Leachman's mid-section (or MINE for that matter!). Please God, don't let the wardrobe people ever expose that!

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