Thursday, September 4, 2008

Casting Clones

I pass by a digital billboard that advertises, among other things, the upcoming premiere of the new J. J. Abrams show Fringe on FOX. And each time I see it, I think the same thing:

Damn, that woman looks familiar!

The woman in question is Anna Torv who will be playing the role of Olivia Dunham, an FBI investigator tracking down a mystery virus on the sci-fi thriller which is set to premiere next Tuesday, September 9th.

But she very well could be a stand-in for a well-known TV doctor: Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) of Seattle Grace Memorial.

I wonder if Torv's character of Agent Dunham will be a vapid and vacillating whining bore like Meredith..

Torv could also fill the shoes of another TV doctor, Dr. Juliet Burke (Elizabeth Mitchell) of LOST.

Joshua Jackson vs. Josh Holloway?

No contest!

Yeah, I wouldn't mind being stuck on a desert island if Sawyer was around to read to me..

And then you have Desmond's long lost love, Penny played by the gorgeous Sonya Walger... who is a dead ringer for Juliet/Elizabeth Mitchell.

Look: same cheekbones, arched eyebrows, highlighted dirty blonde hair color, straight noses...

Thank god Penny has an English accent or I'd be even more confused than I usually am while watching LOST!

If that weren't enough with the LOST doppelgangers, let's throw in Thekla Reuten, who played Sayid's love interest (and possibly, the employee of Penny's dad, Charles Widmore) briefly during The Economist episode.

Can you understand why I was initially thinking "What's Sayid doing stalking Penny?" when I first saw her?

Note to TV Casting Directors: Throw in a brunette or redhead every now and then, okay?


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