Thursday, September 11, 2008

Having a Great Time, Wish You Were Here!

What I did on my summer vacation: nothing. That's not exactly true, but I didn't GO anywhere.

But my sister traveled all over the place--mostly for work--so I get to vicariously experience her wanderings through the magic of e-mail.

And so do you!

Guest blogging about her stay in Ottawa, I present to you my sister Laurie (aka "T"):

Although I’m happy to be done with Ottawa and I have no need to go back anytime soon, I have to share some pictures of an impossibly beautiful city…

The beautiful canal runs through the middle of the city with recreational trails on both sides running eight miles in each direction. There are a couple of restaurants along the canal as well as parks, benches, and ponds. Apparently they drain the canal to about seven feet deep in the winter and then let it ice over and rent skates at public stations!

At the center of downtown, the canal gives way to the Quebec River where a series of locks are still in use to allow recreational boats access to the river.

Ottawa is in the province of Ontario, but just across the river is Gattineau which is in Quebec province and nearly all French speaking.

From across the river in Gattineau you really appreciate the beauty of a seriously stunning city...

You can see the Parliament building in the distance. Both sides of the river have miles of paths and parks. It’s really quite incredible!

And of course we can’t forget our favorite restaurant!

Love you,


I can't say I envy my sister's traveling schedule--especially since I tend to be somewhat (Somewhat?!!! Oh, no--much more than "somewhat!") of a homebody. Heck, I don't like driving across to the east side to see my friend Dave (Correction: I like seeing my friend Dave. It's the driving across town I don't like...). What I do envy is her digital camera! Wow--really nice shots, T!

Now that I've had a guest post from Laurie (albeit unknowingly!) and one (knowingly) from James, all I need is for David to provide one (That's my brother Dave, not my friend Dave--although my brother Dave is also my friend, but my friend Dave is not my brother--but if he wants to write a guest post, that's okay with me!)


  1. My first blog post. I'll have to come up with something good to write about. I don't have many fancy vacation plans in my future.

  2. Snowboarding season is coming up. That will involve travel, I'm sure...

    It doesn't have to be travel-related though. James' post was about movies filmed in Pittsburgh. Maybe something about music or bikes or fantasy football?