Sunday, September 27, 2009

Desperate Housewives - Nice is Different than Good

Show of hands--who was surprised that it was Susan up at the altar with Mike and not Katherine?

Yeah, me neither.

Susan's happiness came at the expense of Katherine--and it looks like there will be hell to pay the rest of the season. Hey, Susan! Think Edie was a bitch? You ain't seen nothing yet!

Gaby had a nice moment with rebellious wild child niece Ana. Lynette is suffering from pre-partum depression. And Bree and Karl are hooking up.

New neighbors Drea De Matteo along with hubby and surly son (How'd they manage to get themselves invited to Mike and Susan's wedding when they'd only lived on Wisteria Lane for less than three months?) have some sort of secret. Looks like young Danny is a psychopath than will make Julie and Susan Mayer regard creepy Zach Young in a more positive light.

Did y'all catch Max Carver aka Preston Scavo as one of the interns on the season opener of The Office? I wonder if this means more guest spots on other shows...After all, Lynette did say that Preston was moving to Europe. "We will never be done if we birth TWO every time ONE moves out...That's just math!"

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  1. Susan married Mike and not Katherine? No way.