Wednesday, September 9, 2009


A recent article in the Washington Post reported how Hollywood is suing Bollywood rip-offs of its films.


A recent $200,000 settlement against an Indian filmmaker who plagiarized My Cousin Vinny (What? No musical version of To Kill a Mockingbird?) was seen as a positive event for the Indian film making community:

"Indian film critics hope the landmark "My Cousin Vinny" payout will encourage Bollywood producers to find more experimental and original story lines. There has traditionally been a lot of pressure on Bollywood to produce proven moneymakers, especially because many of the films were bankrolled by Mumbai's wealthy underworld figures. But now, cleaner money is making its way into Bollywood."
Ya gotta love it. Hollywood is suing Bollywood for ripping it off. They say imitation is a form of flattery, but India not only imitates Hollywood with cheesy Bollywood versions of its films, but by the very act of the rip-off!

Hollywood is the absolute master of the rip-off. Especially when it comes to ripping off itself. Reboots of Beverly Hills 90210 and now Melrose Place? Another movie version of Fame populated by your favorite sitcom stars (Debbie Allen, Kelsey Grammar, Megan Mullaley, Bebe Neuwirth?). Is it ripping off the 1980 movie--or the rip-off 1982 TV series?

Not to mention Saw I-V, Final Destination 1-4, Fast and Furious 1-4 and all the freaking Halloween movies. Yeah, let's sue Bollywood. That'll solve the copycat problem.

Pot, meet kettle.

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