Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Heroes - Ink

Speaking of great lines, Sylar has become quite funny trapped inside Matt Parkman's head.

"I wish I was a ghost. It would be so much better than this hell...being stuck in your miserable life. I mean, have you seen yourself eat a burrito?"

"I will be happy to leave you stewing in your mediocrity."

"Not as easy to ignore me as you thought. It's because I ooze charm..."

In response to Matt saying, "You're ignoring me now?" "It doesn't feel very good, does it?"

The new heroes are way less annoying than last season's rejects. The only new character I find irritating is Claire's new roomie, Gretchen played by Madeline Zima. Zima is also on Californication. I find her to be annoying on that show as well...

Another plus in the lack of annoyances department is the absence of Mohinder Suresh. Not even his mellifluous voiceover to disrupt the show. Unfortunately it looks like he's returning next week...

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