Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Forget silicone implants, Botox or Restylane. The latest cosmetic enhancement treatment is lash lengthening. No doubt you've seen the gorgeous Brooke Shields hawking the benefits of Latisse. This lash treatment was actually developed when doctors and patients noticed one of the side effects of the glaucoma drug bimatoprost was longer, thicker lashes. They quickly reformulated the drug and marketed it as a way to increase lash length and volume.

Unfortunately, while long lashes is a welcome side effect of a glaucoma treatment, the side effects of Latisse include darkening of iris pigment and conjunctivitis for starters.

Brooke's luscious lashes notwithstanding, the side effects of Latisse are enough to give one pause. And let's face it: Shields' dramatic lashes are mostly a matter of genetics, lash tint and film magic. So, if you don't want to take the risk of bimatoprost side effects, can you still have gorgeous lashes?


LashFood is all-natural lash stimulant/conditioner that contains biotin, an essential vitamin, arginine, a natural amino acid--and root and herbal extracts. Developed to condition, repair, restore, and create longer healthier and more beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows, LashFood contains no harsh chemicals to irritate your eyes--or, more importantly--change the pigment in your iris!

I've been testing out the product for the last couple of months and here are my results:

Darker lashes? Hmm--not really. My lashes still require mascara for maximum "Oomph!"

Thicker lashes? Yes, a bit. Not falsies plush, but a bit more volume.

Longer lashes? Most definitely! The conditioning benefits of LashFood allow my lashes to grow to their maximum length. Add a bit of mascara and the tips nearly touch the bottom of my eyebrows.

LashFood carries a price tag similar to Latisse--but without the nasty side effects. So for a natural solution to skimpy lashes, look into LashFood.

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