Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lauren Hutton Naturals Face Disc

No doubt most of you are aware of my current obsession with using more natural and organic products to replace the chemical-laden lotions and potions in my cosmetic and skincare arsenal. So I was really psyched to get the opportunity to test out the new Lauren Hutton Naturals Face Disc.

Lauren Hutton Good Stuff was developed to provide make-up options for older women--but the versatile and inclusive palettes are useful and usable for all ages. The line includes everything from skincare to mascara, but it is the face discs that are truly outstanding.

The face discs come in four different shades: pink for very fair skin tones, yellow for those with gold undertones, olive for medium skin tones and brown for darker skin. Each disc contains a sheer concealer, four spot concealers, a pooch and nose shade, a shadow color, blush/lip tint, lip balm, liner and brow powder--each of which are color coded to match up with matching brushes.

The color coding also matches up with a face map that guides the application of each element. Personally, I'm not much into shading and contouring so I ended up making up my own map. Yup, that's me--blazing my own trail...I also used my fingers (for concealer/lip balm application) or my own brushes (shadow/brows) for application.

I used the sheer concealer for under eye circles and two of the spot concealers for--well, spots; using my fingers to pat it on gently. The concealers did a nice job of evening out my skin without looking cake-y or mask-y.

The liner is a deeply pigmented chocolate color which went on smoothly with a bit of water and my liner brush. The brow powder looks like a pale taupe in the disc, but filled my naturally dark brows in perfectly. The shadow powder is meant for contouring, but instead I used in as an eyeshadow. It's a warm, neutral brown shade that reminded my of MAC Wedge.

I don't wear blush except for "special occasions," but the neutral peach shade looked very natural. Mixed with the lip balm, it made a lovely sheer lip tint as well. The entire palette comes in a gorgeous case, small enough to fit in most purses.

I loved just about everything about the Naturals Face Disc. If I was creating the perfect face palette, the only modifications I would make would be:

  1. Develop a set of mini-brushes to go with the palette as well as a way to store them with the case in order to make the palette a more complete make-up solution.
  2. I'd split the contour shadow in half and keep one side the shadow and the other side a highlighter. This would work for both the face and the eyes.
  3. I'd also split the lip balm into a clear and colored shade. The blush mixed with the balm works well as a lip tint, but you risk messing up the blush.
  4. I'd give up two of the concealers (three is enough) and replace with one sheer finishing powder.

In addition to being multi-functional, the Naturals Face Disc lives up to its name featuring:
  • 95% + Natural Origin Ingredients recommended by The Natural Products Association
  • High concentrations of plant-based ingredients
  • An anti-aging cocktail of Grape Seed Oil, Green Tea, Vitamin A, E and C, Avocado Oil and Bamboo
It's really nice to find make-up that's made up of good stuff while making you look good.

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