Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Votre Vu Tart D'amande Body Souffle

I'm big on foodie scents. Vanilla, citrus, chocolate, cocoa butter, coconut. Smelling good enough to eat is high on my list of priorities when it comes to body products.

Votre Vu Tart D'Armande Body Souffle not only smells awesome, but it actually does a fabulous job of keeping my skin soft and supple. Loaded with super rich ingredients like macadamia oil, grape seed oil, shea butter, coconut oil and sweet almond oil. Despite being full of oils, my skin completely drinks in this luscious cream. Yeah, initially my body is a bit slick after application, but eventually it's absorbed as it totally hydrates my skin.

And, as I mentioned earlier, it smells heavenly. Like Almond Sugar cookies. You will be seriously tempted to lick your arm or find some way to ingest this delicious body cream. But think of it as food for your skin. A delectable indulgence of epicurean proportions--without the high caloric ramifications.


  1. Hi Stella,

    My name is Traci Kuhn and I am a Brand Ambassador for Votre Vu. I couldn't agree with you more about the scent of our body Souffle. For me, it's memories of cupcakes since I use Almond flavoring in the icing.

    I just wanted to offer you or your readers the chance to try our products. Complimentary samples are available. Just send me an e-mail at

    A Votre Sante,


  2. Hi Stella -
    Rock on girl! Your review was awesome and it's one of my favorite Votre Vu products too. If anyone is in the Boston area - I would love to share samples with you and introduce you to this luxury skincare line that just happens to be affordable and won't break your budget.

    Thanks again -
    Merci` Beaucoup,
    Lisa Keone-Teeter
    Votre Vu Success Team Leader