Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fringe Season One on DVD Today

For all you sci-fi fans mourning the loss of The X-Files, J.J. Abrams offers up Fringe--which, in addition to squirmingly odd occurrences like spontaneous human combustion, over-sized viruses and syphilis-ridden vampires, features alternate realities, morally ambiguous characters and cutie Joshua Jackson.

The Mulder/Scully character is portrayed by Anna Torv as Olivia Dunham. The former FBI agent is recruited by the Department of Homeland Security's "Fringe" science division where she tracks down the carnage created by science run amok--also known as "The Pattern." Of course it helps to have the memories of your former lover and double-agent John Scott (Mark Valley) implanted in your brain. And dotty mad scientist Walter Bishop (John Noble) and his surly caretaker son Peter (aforementioned hottie Jackson...) to assist you.

If you think LOST is out there, you ain't seen nothing yet until you check out Fringe. Aided by former LOST cast member Lance Reddick (aka Matthew Abaddon) as Oliva's boss (Good guy? Bad guy? Your guess is as good as mine...) and Michael Giacchino doing the music (I swear, every time there's a scene break I keep expecting the smoke monster to appear...), Fringe has signature Abrams touches throughout. I half expect Dunham to realize she's working for SD-6 next season.

The series is quite stylish--right down to the odd 3-D location subtitles and gore-ific special effects. Most people will get sucked into the paranormal phenomena, but I loved the comic interplay between the not-quite-in-his-right-mind Walter and the perennially-put-upon Peter. In addition to all 20 episodes of the first season, the DVD has an additional 6 hours of special features-- including featurettes, production diaries, producer and writer commentaries, deleted scenes, gag reel, Blu-Ray exclusive content and much more.

Could Fringe's alternate realities (Peter Bishop is actually Pacey Witter--from the alternate "reality" of "Dawson's Creek"...) be the clue to the LOST finale? Hmm--I wonder... But until LOST returns in 2010, you can always get your Abrams mind game fix with Fringe. The season one finale airs on Thursday, September 10th at 9 pm on Fox and season two premieres the following week. And Fringe: The Complete First Season is available on DVD and Blu-ray today.

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