Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Entourage Marathon - part 3

Watched episodes 2-8 of Entourage with my friend Dave today. Seems episode one fell through the cracks--but otherwise I'm caught up on season six.

The tagline for this season is "Life changes. Friends don't." What also never changes is the formula that is Entourage: hot cars, hotter girls, lots of sex, outrageous spending. Well, maybe a few things have changed. Vince is still Vince--but Turtle is in an actual relationship and going back to school, Eric gets a real job other than just being Vince's manager, Ari is cuddly family man at home and Lloyd tormentor at work and even Drama has an interesting storyline this season.

Although the show allegedly revolves around the career of Vincent Chase, he is by far the least interesting and watchable character on the show. Still the insider references and conspicuous consumption are what keep me coming back. Not to mention the diverse cameos and the always entertaining Jeremy Piven.

It's also kind of fun seeing perennial good guy Matt Letscher (Eli Stone, Brothers and Sisters) playing a major douche-bag on Entourage. Wonder what torture he has in store for Drama? It was also funny to see the bit that inspired the Seth Rogen/Doug Ellin feud:


  1. Entourage frustrates me to no end but I still watch it. Have you seen the spoof version of it? It's awesome.

  2. There's a spoof version? Where?!!! I must see!