Wednesday, November 28, 2007

DWTS - The Driver beats the Diva!

Thank God it's over. Amazingly the producers managed to stretch the last Dancing with the Stars results show out to two hours! They accomplished that by bringing back the entire cast for one last dance (although Wayne Newton and partner Cheryl and Floyd Mayweather and partner Karina sat this one out. Thank heaven for that!) and playing numerous clips from past shows (including the infamous Marie fainting one yet AGAIN!). Marie got knocked out of the competition early on leaving just Helio and Mel B. to perform one final dance. Mel performed her Mambo and Helio the Quickstep that earned him his first 30. Not surprisingly they both got 30s once again. The judges seemed to be in a better mood than Monday night.

A unofficial poll conducted by entertainment reporter George Pennachio showed Helio leading with over 40 percent of the vote--but the applause from inside the DWTS ballroom, which was overwhelmingly more enthusiastic for him over Mel B., confirmed that he would in fact take away the Mirrorball trophy--making his partner Julianne Hough a two-time trophy winner.

Whew! Now maybe I can start watching Chuck...

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