Sunday, November 25, 2007

'Tis the Season...

To be shopping. Fa-la-la-la La-la-la-la!

I'll get my wishlist together soon, but in the meantime I've stumbled across some great blogs that appeal to my carnivorous consumer in me. Of course, my friend Stevie's blog L.A. Story is a great source of inspiration for all things hip and cool. And speaking of cool things, there's plenty to be found at Cool Picking. My friend Tami deals with all things hedonistic and delicious on her blog, fête à fête. And last but not least, you know and love her as Kelly Kapoor on The Office--but did you know Mindy Kaling is a shopping fanatic? Check out Things I've Bought That I Love for all sorts of "frivolous and fun" items.

My newest favorite shopping blogs came during an unsuccessful search for a picture of a Club Monaco sweater that I've got huge crush on (Damn you Club Monaco--put more pictures up on your stupid website!). If it turns into something more serious, I may actually shell out $200 to buy it...But for now, the blogs:

A Serious Job is No Excuse

Johanna is a D.C. consultant by day, fashion blogger by night. She describes her site thusly:

Each day, with old-man candor, I'll offer my brand of style counsel to the lawyers, lobbyists, Congressional mistresses and any of the other professional DC women who think their serious jobs are a valid excuse for dressing the ill-fitted, office-inappropriate, comfort-first way women in this city tend to dress. And when the mood strikes me, which is often, I'll also muse about celebrity fashion and my own fashion-related comings and goings, both of which, I'm sure, are of great interest to you.
Shop My Closet

Now if this isn't the coolest idea ever--instead of slogging through the dregs on E-Bay, locate your next fashion find in a fashionista's closet! Or as the girls at Shop My Closet put it:
we are a collective group of young womyn dedicated to forward-thinking and fringe-defining fashion. we all share a love of conspicuous consumption, innovative design, and collaboration. together, we developed this blog to share items from our own closets, our thoughts on fashion and design in general, and tips on how/where/when to shop. we hope you will continue to join us as we embark on this new fashion adventure...
NY Flair

Something about NYC girls that's innately fashionable. No wonder they set Sex and the City there! The blogger at NY Flair is down-to-earth about her fashion sensibilities claiming:
I am crazy about fashion and shopping! I always love a great find and am always on the lookout for the best places to shop. I am drawn to very unique stores and I love the entrepreneurial spirit. I am no fashion guru, I follow no rules - its all about favorite places to shop and fabulous things to buy.
But just a glance at her finds and you know this is one stylish woman! (Note to self: must cut back on wearing hoodies...)

So whether you're in the market for holiday gift ideas or revamping your closet, here are some cool resources on the web to peruse. Got any favorites of your own?

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