Monday, November 19, 2007

The Trouble with Edie

I didn't get my weekly fix of Desperate Housewives last night (damn you, American Music Awards!), but I have been thinking about Edie Britt (played with delightful gusto by Nicollette Sheridan)--specifically the trials and travails of her love life. Now, Edie is not a very good friend, she's a lousy aunt and absent mother. She's manipulative, vindictive and spiteful. But I love her! Unfortunately my love is about all that Edie has these days. Let's take a quick inventory:

When we first met the voluptuous vixen, she had set her sites on Mike Delfino--which put her in competition with Susan Mayer who also found the new addition to Wisteria Lane to be attractive. Unfortunately for Edie (and perhaps Mike), Susan won. Next, she became involved with Karl Mayer, Susan's ex. But Karl was still carrying a torch for Susan--so again, Susan won. She tried another run for Mike when he had amnesia, but he regained his memory and--Susan won. Her next target was the recently divorced Carlos Solis--but Carlos was still carrying a torch for Gabby and again, Edie loses.

Poor Edie. Given her track record for latching on to unavailable men, I predict Adam Mayfair will be his next target. God help her--'cuz I think Katherine will be a far more formidable adversary than Susan Mayer.

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