Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I knew it!

As a follow-on to my rant about antibiotic abuse, today's Washington Post had an interesting article titled Are Antimicrobial Soaps Breeding Tougher Bugs? The problem with germ-fighting soaps is that most of what makes us sick--colds, the flu--are caused by VIRUSES on which antibacterials have no effect. Studies have shown that users of antimicrobial soaps have no fewer incidences of illness as non-users and that using them may actually cause bacteria to become more resistant to antibiotics. Also, not all bacteria is harmful--but antibacterials kill all indiscriminately. According to the article:

"The antimicrobials kill both. And when the good bacteria are gone, there's more room for the bad bacteria to grow, raising our risk of becoming sick.

Besides, a germ-free environment may actually weaken our immune systems, some critics say. They are referring to the Hygiene Hypothesis -- the theory that children build their immune systems from infancy by putting in their mouths all those dirty objects they find lying around.

A number of studies have linked the development of allergies, asthma and skin problems in children to their having been raised in environments that are too sterile. "You need a little dirt," Levy [author of The Antibiotic Paradox] says, "to train your immune system correctly.""

Keep in mind people, that our bodies are TEEMING with bacteria--inside and out. In the opinion of some scientists, humans may be nothing more than a host for millions of microbes. Sort of like planet earth is home to billions of creatures. We are all little mini planets. How cool is that?

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