Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Not So Shocking DWTS

Well, no surprises for this results show. Jane Seymour has soldiered on after the death of her mother, a stay in the bottom two and a bout with food poisoning, but she couldn't survive to dance another round on Dancing with the Stars. Apparently this week, home voters agreed with the judges and the lowest scoring couple got sent home. This week it was Marie Osmond who was absent from the results show due to her father's death. Although she was saved for another round of the competition, no doubt she'd prefer her dad be there to see it.

The only surprise of the show was the fact that, in addition to eliminating Jane and Tony, they eliminated the "bottom two." What, did all the red light bulbs burn out? Without the bottom two, there's no way of knowing who got the second least amount of votes which will make it impossible to predict who's leaving next week. Oh well...

Kenny Mayne, Jerry Rice (both former DWTS contestants) and Len Goodman did a cute segment--a ripoff of SportsCenter called DanceCenter. What was up with the eye makeup on Kenny though? He was wearing more makeup than Marie Osmond! And was the segment written prior to the writers strike? Hmmm....The infamous Marie fainting tape was replayed during the sketch. This time for humorous effect as Kenny pointed out that the judges just SAT THERE while Marie lay prostrate on the ground.

So now we're down to five.

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