Thursday, November 8, 2007

Note to Santa: Drops some lbs.!

Hot on the heels of the recently released findings that Being Overweight isn't all that bad for you, in which a research study concluded that "[b]eing overweight boosts the risk of dying from diabetes and kidney disease but not cancer or heart disease, and carrying some extra pounds actually appears to protect against a host of other causes of death," it seems that Great Britain would disagree with that assessment. Apparently, the U.K. has gone as far as encourage shopping mall Santas to lose weight in order to be a better role model to children. According to Emil Steiner's OFF/beat blog:

The Daily Mail is reporting that the Bluewater shopping center in Kent has even set up a "Santa Boot Camp" in order to get Jolly Ol' Saint Nick "in shape and setting a good example to children who idolise him."

The news comes in the wake of the latest report on Britain's bulging waistlines, which predict more than 50 percent will be obese by 2050. According to Bluewater spokesperson Fiona Campbell-Reilly, "Santa has been around for years, but society has changed and our Santa needs to reflect this."

Steiner goes on in delicious snarkfest to explore the implications of a more politically correct St. Nick. Funny stuff...

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