Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's Good to be Me!

Actually it's even better to be my friend Stevie as Awards season is upon us and that means Stevie is usually out and about--and then dishing about it on her blog. But alas, Stevie is in NYC--doing soirées in SoHo and dining downtown, meeting and greeting publicists and publishers. She might even run into Tina Fey walking the picket line outside 30 Rock. Who knows what that girl is up to, but before long we'll all get a chance to live it vicariously when she regales us with the tales on LA Story!

But today I didn't have to live vicariously, because since she's out of town, Stevie lobbed this fabulous American Music Awards event my way, via Abbey Khan, Editor-in-Chief of Fushion Magazine. The Royal Suite, as it was called, was billed as a day of pampering, gifts, food and fun! OK--you don't need to twist my arm with that description so off I went to WeHo to Makeup Mandy, a sweet little salon and boutique on Melrose operated by makeup artist Amanda Jacobellis which offers a diverse menu of salon services--including facials, makeup application and specializing in eyelash extensions. I didn't get my eyelashes extended--but I watched in fascination as a woman with sparse, stubby lashes was transformed by a painstaking lash-by-lash application until she looked like a model for a mascara ad.

I did partake of Makeup Mandy's Pumpkin Enzyme peel which was performed by the lovely Leslie. The peel smelled so awesome, it made me hungry for pumpkin pie! Thanksgiving is only a week away, but I got a little slice of heaven early...Prior to my Pumpkin Peel, I was treated to an amazing mini massage by David of Bella Beverly Hills. His technique, which was a combination of acupressure and Thai styles, eased the kinks and knots out of my upper back. Bella features an extensive menu of spa services that include teeth whitening, detox footbaths and waxing in addition to a variety of massages. I think I might be back to book a full session with David in the near future!

After my mini massage and petite peel, I got makeup applied by Paula Dorf Cosmetics makeup artist Alia Owaynat. I am now red-carpet ready! Too bad my big plans for the evening is a date with Jason Lee and Steve Carell, i.e.; My Name is Earl and The Office. Oh well--I'll look awesome while I'm watching TV! Other sponsors/participants for The Royal Suite included Westside Medical Spa, SHIQ, Aroma Jems and Olive Skin Care / Microderma Mitt with incredible edibles provided by Su Concierge. The event was a benefit for Project Cuddle, whose mission it is to rescue newborn babies and place them in a safe environment. I had the opportunity to speak with Project Cuddle founder Debbe Magnusen, whose organization has saved 623 babies to-date from being abandoned in a dumpster and who was instrumental in the passage of California's Safe Surrender law.
So that was my day--pampered, fed, gifted and all for a great cause!

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