Tuesday, November 27, 2007

DWTS/Heroes - The Dumb and the Clueless

In my opinion, this has been a pretty lackluster season of Dancing with the Stars--and now that the show is wrapping up, the finals last night were no different. No perfect scores, very few tens and some pretty dumb choices for routines in the freestyle where contestants usually relish the chance to really strut their stuff.

Mel B.'s judges choice dance was a disco-inspired Cha-cha. She got the usual love from the judges, but surprise!--only a 28 for a score. Her freestyle routine looked like a Britney Spears video--and I don't mean that in a good way. What was up with Maks (who was doing most of the work!) and Mel lying on their backs on the floor? Snow angels? The judges thought it was kind of pitiful as well and only scored it a 27 giving her a total of 55 points.

Even dumber was Marie's freestyle. Of course she went with the doll theme--she's a doll designer for crap's sake! But had that been just the opener and segueing into a dance, it might have worked. Unfortunately she kept up the whole rag doll persona for the ENTIRE dance! Newsflash for Marie: limping around the stage like a stiff doll is not dancing! Ick. Her Samba which was a repeat of the dance she fainted after (and wouldn't you know, the DWTS producers had that footage all queued up and ready to go!) was a bit better--but still it was a whole lotta shakin' and not much dancin' goin' on. She got a 22 for the freestyle and 24 for the Samba for a total of 46 and the lowest score of the night.

I personally think the judges were way too harsh on Helio's Jive. It was very cute and fun--but he got scathing remarks from the judges and only 25 points. Only one point better than Marie's sorry Samba? I'm sorry--that's just not right! Len called Helio's freestyle routine the best of the night by miles and he was only one point shy of a perfect score for that earning him a 54 for the night. Tonight the winner is announced--after one more dance scored only by the judges. I voted for Helio. It would be hard to believe that Marie's fans would vote for her pitiful performance and I really don't like Mel B. at all (although I agree with everyone that Maks is hot!).

Thankfully it will all be over after tonight!

On Heroes, how are we clueless? Let me count the ways: first is the queen of clueless, Maya--who thinks Sylar (aka Gabriel) is her guardian angel! Yeah Maya--not even your twin brother whose bride you killed and who has risked his life trying to get the both of you to America understands you! Just Sylar--boohoo! Even after Alejandro shows her the article about Sylar killing his mom, Maya doesn't believe it. Catch that liplock between Sylar and Maya as Alejandro's dead body lay in the background? Gotta give Zacahry Quinto some props though--he has the most gorgeous eyebrows and eyelashes!

Then there's Peter Petrelli who hasn't caught on that Adam's goal isn't to track down the deadly Shanti virus to DESTROY it, but to RELEASE it! What a moron. Even after Adam shot the lovely Victoria Pratt (Played by the always beautiful Joanna Cassidy. Seriously, she looked great! And how cool was it to have a cast member from Bladerunner on the show?). Oh, and speaking of morons, thy name is "Mohinder." The Company is GOOD and Bennet is BAD? Get your facts straight, Suresh! He finally realizes that The Company has been developing the deadly Shanti virus for 30 years, but poor clueless Mohinder still doesn't know which end is up. On his way to bring Nikki the cure for the virus, he receives a call from the still very much alive Sylar who is in his apartment with Molly and Maya.

More stupid moves down in New Orleans where Nikki is reunited with Micah. Micah's creepy cousin takes his backpack to see about selling his comic books. Backpack is stolen--along with the comics and more importantly, D.L.'s medal for being a hero. Monica and Micah go to where the thieves live to steal back the backpack--but while Monica is inside the house, the thieves return and capture her. How did she manage to forget her Ninja moves? Over in Texas, the Bennet family mourns Noah's "death" and makes plans to move to Salt Lake City. But while Claire scatters her Dad's ashes, she sees another Daddy's girl, Elle, watching in the background. A confrontation ensues and Claire threatens to reveal her powers and expose The Company. Smart move? Dumb move? We'll see...

The only one who seems to know what's going on is Hiro who time traveled to 1977 and witness Kensei aka Adam Monroe trying to steal the deadly strain 138, which young Kaito decided to move to the Primatech Paper facility in Odessa, TX for safekeeping (am I the only one who thought the actors playing young Kaito and young Victoria looked NOTHING like George Takei or Joanna Cassidy? ). Despite Ando's remonstration of "Why is saving the world always your responsibility?," Hiro teleports to Odessa just in time to meet up with Adam and Peter, who read Victoria's mind to extract the location of the virus before Adam killed her. Seeing the man responsible for his father's death, Hiro rushes Adam with his samurai sword. Will Peter zap him with a lightning bolt before he can kill Adam?

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