Wednesday, March 19, 2008

DWTS - Ladies Night

It was the female stars turn to take a spin around the dance floor on Dancing with the Stars last night and true to my prediction, skater Kristi Yamaguchi is the one to beat. Not only did her Foxtrot look (as Carrie Ann said) "effortless," but she appeared to be enjoying herself on the dance floor as well. I was off the mark about Priscilla Presley who turned in a competent Foxtrot as well--but she didn't look like she was enjoying herself at all! That permanently Botoxed grimace on her face won't help her with audience votes I'm sure.

The judges unfairly penalized crowd-pleaser Marissa Winokur--so adorable and spunky! She ended up with a 16 because partner Tony's choreography wasn't challenging enough. Boo--hiss! I really want her to stick around because I think she can give Kristi a run for her money, so I voted for her. Uh, 24 times...(Yes that's a bit obsessive for so early in the season, I know!)

As much as Marissa was under-rated, Shannon Elizabeth was over-rated in my opinion. Her Cha-cha looked tentative and awkward to me--although her long limbs are perfect for a dancer. Still, she'll improve and stick around for a Jennie Garth style run I predict. Marlee Matlin looked fabulous--what a cutie she is! But as great as her technique was, it never looked like she was dancing with the music. Marissa's low scores notwithstanding, it looks like Monica Seles may find herself being the first female to get knocked out of the competition. The pro tennis player looked very uneasy on the dance floor, although the judges were much easier on her than they were for Marissa.

They all get the chance to dance again next week, but I think the writing's on the wall: Adam Corolla and Monica Seles should be out of the competition by this time next week.

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