Friday, March 14, 2008

Lost - Ji Yeon

The Oceanic Five are (Drumroll, please!):

1. Jack
2. Kate
3. Hurley
4. Sayid
5. Sun

Sorry folks--doesn't look like Jin made it off the island. Kudos to the writers for crafting an episode with Sun having a flashforward and Jin having a flashback so we, the viewers, would be fooled into thinking that Jin also made it off the island. I know Sun and Hurley (good ol' Hugo, apparently using those "golden tickets" to see Sun and her newborn...) visited his "grave" at the end of the episde, but I think the stone was just a memorial (the date on the stone was September 22, 2004 which was the date of the crash). The clincher was when Jin told Sun that " will never lose me." I sort of guessed something was up when Jin wasn't recognized as one of the "Six" in the toy store.

Speaking of Jin, did you see how hurt he was when he found out Sun cheated on him? He just slinks off to lick his wounds--which takes the form of a little fishing trip with Bernard. Interesting discussion Bernard had with Jin--telling him that it's all about karma. You make bad choices and bad things happen to you. You make good choices and good things happen. Jin seemed to interpret that as Sun cheated on BAD Jin. But it sure highlighted one of the running themes of the show, didn't it? Good, evil, justice, redemption, the smoke monster...

Jin forgives Sun and even cooks the fish he caught for her for dinner! How sexy is a guy that cooks for you, huh? Not to mention one who takes the blame for you cheating on him. Nice work by Daniel Dae Kim in this episode.

Also, for those who assume the "she" that Juliet looked like from last week's episode was Ben's mother--wrong! According to the enhanced re-airing, it was ANNIE, Ben's childhood friend. I knew it couldn't be his mom. She died in childbirth and Ben never knew her.

Very anti-climatic to find out that Michael was Ben's man on the freighter. I was rooting for the seemingly unstoppable Mikhail. After all, we've been expecting it to be Michael. You'd think the writers would have tried to pull that rug out from under us...

It's also been confirmed that Charles Widmore is indeed the guy calling the shots as far as the freighter goes. But is he the bad guy as Ben says or a good guy? The captain shows Sayid and Desmond the black box from Oceanic Flight 815 and tells them it was found along with the wreckage and the bodies of 324 people. He says that since Sayid is standing in front of him alive and well, obviously the wreckage was staged. And he marvels at the person with the resources to pull that off--not to mention finding 324 dead bodies.

But the note that Michael aka Kevin Johnson slipped under the door warned Sayid and Desmond not to trust the captain. Was the crash really staged (I personally like the doppelganger theory better...)? Did Ben stage it or Widmore?

And what's the point of having Fisher Stevens as Minkowski and Zoe Bell as Regina just to kill them off ASAP? Will we be seeing them again? I would think so. Otherwise why not cast those characters with complete unknowns? It makes no sense...

According to various reports, we were supposed to find out all the members of the Oceanic Six by last night's episode. But I only count five. I don't think Aaron counts since he wasn't on the passenger manifest and Jin's date of death on his gravestone indicates that he didn't make it off the island. Who is the last member of the Oceanic Six? Perhaps Michael? But if he's one of the "Six," he can't also be the person who was in the coffin because there would have been a much bigger turnout at his funeral... And speaking of funerals, someone's gonna die in next week's episode--who do we think it will be?

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