Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sucked in once again by DWTS!

After last season's lackluster cast and the disappointing early dismissal of the competition's BEST dancer, Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan, I thought it was over for me and Dancing with the Stars. But after last night's premiere featuring dancing by the six male "stars," it looks like it might be an exciting season.

My pick to get eliminated first round next week? Adam Corolla who has the fortune to be paired with two-time champ and terminal cutie Julianne Hough, but he been cursed with two left feet. Penn Jillette was also a low scorer last night, but I think he has the fan base and the performance skills to stick around a while. The dancers to beat are R&B singer Mario, paired with Karina who did very well a few seasons back with another hot Mario; and football player Jason Taylor who is surprisingly graceful right out of the gate. Looks like partner Edyta, who is perennially paired with some of the worst male stars, has finally gotten herself a contender!

"International Film Star" Cristian de la Fuente could be a fierce competitor. He has the charisma and another two-time champ in Cheryl Burke as his dancing partner, but I think his lack of fan base will probably do him in sooner than later. Rounding out the cast is actor Steve Guttenberg who Carrie Ann called "adorable" on last night's show and was he ever! He got low scores, but I think his charm will have him staying in the competition.

The women dance tonight and looking at the field, I'm already betting on Priscilla Presley to be voted off early. Her face is just too scary looking! Whatever she's had done, it's so tight and stiff she couldn't even manage a smile last night--just some weird grimacing! And Monica Seles does not look good as a blonde. We'll see how well she dances, but I wouldn't be surprised to see her out of the competition early. I'm sure skater Kristi Yamaguchi will be a contender much like Apolo Ono was several seasons back. I also expect that actress Marissa Winokur will do well--especially given the fact that she played the dancing Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray on Broadway. She may be hindered by a small fan base, but I think she'll win over the viewers.

Actresses Shannon Elizabeth and Marlee Matlin round out the female cast. It will be interesting to watch how they stack up against the men tonight!

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