Friday, March 28, 2008

Missing Must See TV

It's only been a week and already I'm suffering from LOST withdrawals. Thankfully, I have only four more weeks to go until it returns with original episodes. I satisfied my cravings last night by watching the enhanced version of The Beginning of the End last night. According to the subtitles, the drawing on the blackboard is a clue to what Matthew Abaddon REALLY wants...

Next week, My Name is Earl returns with new episodes and NBC did this promo featuring CEO Jeff Zucker that apparently has been causing quite an uproar. I have no idea why. It was written by some My Name is Earl writers. And Zucker seems to poke fun at himself and the other media moguls ala Michael Bay's send-up in the recent Verizon FIOS commercial. One of Zucker's zingers refers to the biggest issue of the WGA strike--residuals for online streaming: "So we put together a little recap to get everybody back up to speed. It's right here on, where you can watch all of your favorite shows -- preferably within the first 17 days."

Seems some oversensitive souls were pissed at the NBC Universal CEO's admonition for viewers to watch episodes online "within the first 17 days"--as that is the window where the studios are not obligated to pay residuals to the writers. C'mon now, people! Have a sense of humor here--it's a JOKE.

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