Friday, March 7, 2008

LOST - The Other Woman

Last night's episode served to highlight the numerous triangles among the characters:

1. Kate, Jack, Sawyer
2. Kate, Jack, Juliette
3. Juliette, Goodwin, Harper
4. Juliette, Goodwin, Ben
5. Juliette, Ben, Jack

That Juliette--she sure does get around....

We were back to flashbacks in a Juliette centric episode where we learned:

  • Ben has a crush on Juliette and considers her to be his.

  • Juliette looks just like someone (Who?) from Ben's past.

  • Ben is a big tease--we still don't know who his man on the boat is! Although (according to Ben) we might want to sit down because (according to next week's teaser) it's someone we never expected to see again. Well, since most of us expect it to be Michael, maybe it isn't. Either that or the ABC marketing department is a big bunch of losers who have no idea that we've already figured it out...

  • Faraday and Charlotte came to render the chemical gases in the Tempest (the electrical station which powers the island) inert--thus preventing Ben from using them again to kill everyone on the island. Juliette tells Jack that, "These people came here to wage war against Ben and Ben is going to win."

  • John Locke is a big wuss--and a control freak. Not a great combination...

  • Charles Widmore is the "enemy" whose freighter brought Miles, Faraday, Charlotte, Frank and Naomi to the island. According to Ben, he wants to exploit it. Ben has a video showing Widmore overseeing one of Ben's men being beaten. It sure looks to me like Goodwin, doesn't it? Is it possible that like Mikhail, Goodwin was resurrected? Could HE be Ben's man on the boat?

  • Juliette and Jack hear the whispers which precede Harper's arrival and disappearance. What are the whisper exactly? Jacob? The smoke monster? The island?

  • Harper tells Juliette that Ben is exactly where he wants to be. This is the same thing that Miles told Kate in the Eggtown episode.

  • Speaking of Kate--how is it that she such an excellent tracker? She is able to pick up Juliette's trail and even tell that Charlotte and Faraday were half an hour ahead of her? Did I miss the flashback that showed her getting her Sacajawea Girl Scout merit badge?

  • And Charlotte's a bit of a bad ass for an anthropologist, isn't she? Didn't you love how she coldcocked Kate (Say it three times fast!) and the catfight with Juliette at the Tempest?

  • Best line of the night: When John Locke brings Ben his meal which happens to be cooked rabbit, Ben asks "This didn't have a number on it, did it?"

In next week's episode, we're supposed to find out the final two members of the Oceanic Six (it's looking like Sun is one of them) and who Ben's man on the freighter is (Are we laying odds that it's Michael? Or perhaps Goodwin?). Until then, check out the recap on Lostpedia, screencaps on Lost Easter Eggs and's Jen Chaney and Liz Kelly's Dueling Analyses (and a Friday chat!) at Celebritology.

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