Saturday, March 22, 2008

Obviously I spend far too much time at the movies...

This post is brought to you courtesy of my friend from the gym, Teri. While I was working out today, Teri and Carol walked by and said, "Hi." Carol said she needed needed help with something and she was sure I knew the answer. Seems she was trying to buy movie tickets online and MovieFone wouldn't let her purchase tickets to AMC Theatres.

Now MovieFone is one of my favorite websites to check out showtimes and reviews for movies I want to see. I suggested she check out Fandango (I think Carol may be the only human on the planet who hasn't seen the paperbag puppets ads playing before the movie trailers since she wasn't familiar with the name...), but then I remembered the obvious answer:

I told her she should go to the AMC Theatres website, sign up for their MovieWatchers card and then when she purchases tickets on using her MovieWatchers I.D. number, the service charge is waived.

In addition, you earn two points for every movie ticket purchased (four points total per visit) and every 10 points earns you a MovieWatcher freebie--at 30, 60 and 90 points, you can get a large drink and large popcorn at the concession stand or cash in on a free movie ticket at the Box Office on your next visit. At every 100-point milestone, you get a bonus "Night at the Movies" (free ticket, popcorn & soft drink).

I use my AMC MovieWatchers card a lot since I take advantage of their A.M. Cinema promotion where tickets for shows before noon on Friday, Saturday or Sunday are $6.00 (or less).

Anyway, when I told Carol all this Teri said I needed to blog about it. I think I should start carrying a Fandango paperbag puppet around with me since apparently I'm a walking advertisement.

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