Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I must admit I'm no fan of jellybeans. Or the sugary candy eggs. Give me chocolate! Big chocolate bunnies and not the hollow ones either...Solid milk chocolate. None of this "white chocolate" crap! I'm also a fan of easter eggs. Well, coloring them anyway...

Not so big on the marshmallow peeps either. They're sticky, gooey, sugar-coated and completely inedible. Maybe that's why the Washington Post has found a better use for the ubiquitous pastel treats. Their second annual Peeps Show features the marshmallow chicks and bunnies in crafty dioramas. Remember dioramas from 4th grade? Well, I'm sure you've never seen anything like this:

There were over 800 entries this year. Check out the 37 best at I bet you never look at a yellow marshmallow chick in the same way ever again...


  1. Remember this:

    I bought 6 packs online last year and I painted eggs with a couple of friends and their daughters. I still use your flick/splash technique to paint an egg every year. We should get together and paint eggs next year.

    Happy Post-Easter!

  2. What I remember about coloring easter eggs is:

    1. We always got more dye on ourselves than the eggs.

    2. Dad would slapdash paint one egg. It was usually pretty ugly.

    3. I used to help you hunt easter eggs when you were little. Unfortunately, you slowed me down and we usually lost.

    4. There was often ONE egg we could never find. Until many months later in one case...