Thursday, March 6, 2008

Imposing Order onto Chaos

Otherwise known as trying to de-clutter my life. Or at least my living space. So I headed down to IKEA today (that's Swedish for "Some assembly required" followed by maniacal laughter...) looking for ways to maximize my little office and crowded closets. I was hoping to find a hutch to set atop my desk (well, it's actually just a table) to give me more storage space. That didn't pan
out and after wandering around the store for about two hours, I did manage to find this:

It looks like some weird little bookshelf, but actually it's a table leg. I just have to undo the legs from the left side of my desk--I mean table--and put this in their place and voila! Instant storage. I bought black metal mesh baskets from Target that were designed to store DVDs but I will use as pseudo-drawers. Pretty cool, huh?

Speaking of Target, I made out even better there. In addition to the DVD storage baskets, I got a black plastic bin for storing files and a black metal mesh (sense a theme here?) rolling cart to replace my battered white rolling cart which has seen better days.

Although I didn't find the hutch I was looking for, I did run into my GP at IKEA. How weird is that? Also got a new mop, some plastic tumblers and a shoe rack all for about $100. Not quite the the haul I had envisioned, but it's a start. Now I just need to assemble my table leg avec storage, clean out all my excess junk and reorganize my office. And then perhaps I'll be able to find a working pen when I need one...

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