Tuesday, March 25, 2008

DWTS - Who will go home?

Two "stars"--one male, one female--will get their walking papers tonight on Dancing with the Stars. I'm still predicting it will be Monica Seles for the ladies--whose Mambo last night was much better than last week's Foxtrot, but she still looks extremely uncomfortable. So much so than I think she would be relieved to ditch the dancing shoes and get back to the tennis court.

Adam Carolla is still my favorite for first male to leave the competition. Although his Mambo was also an improvement over last week's Foxtrot--earning him 19 points and Len's praise calling it "Brilliant"--he is so annoying. He reminds me of Gilbert Gottfried and that's not a good thing. Penn Jillette and Steve Guttenberg had lower scores last night--Steve got a 16 for a Mambo that looked much better in rehearsal and Penn scored 17 for his Quickstep (the big man is NOT light on his feet!)--but their showmanship and fan base will likely keep them around for another week or two.

The women stars are very strong this year, but Kristi Yamaguchi is the clear favorite. I wouldn't count Shannon Elizabeth out yet, though--she overcame her nerves last night to deliver a fast and furious Quickstep that the judges loved. I think they could have been more generous with the scores, though--she got a 24; I think she deserved a 27. Marlee Matlin and Priscilla Presley also did well again last night--score-wise anyway. Priscilla got a 21 for her Mambo, but her fluid hip-work was marred by her frozen face with the scary Kewpie doll lips. (And what was with that creepy crawl toward the camera at the end? **Shudder.**) Marlee Matlin is such a pretty lady and she got a 24 for her Quickstep. To me it looked like she was struggling just a bit. Marissa Winokur had a much better score last night with 21 for her Quickstep. She was also struggling a bit--I think the height difference between her and Tony (and he's not that tall!) makes the holds in the dancing difficult.

Rounding out the men, the clear favorites are R&B singer Mario, who delivered a charismatic Quickstep earning a 26, and football player Jason Taylor, who danced a smooth and sultry Mambo earning a 27. These guys are HOT! and will make it very tough again for a woman to win the Mirrorball trophy this season. Last and maybe least is Cristian whatever-his-last-name-is. He's a hottie, too--but his Quickstep was a bit stiff and being an "International Film Star," I don't think he has the fan base to stick around too long in the competition. Even with the amazing Cheryl Burke as his partner...

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