Sunday, June 28, 2009

Away We Go

I loved this movie.

Sweet, funny, touching--much like lead actor John Krasinski who plays Burt Farlander. Krasinski is adorably annoying--or annoyingly adorable--as the fuzzy Burt. Krasinski's characterization of the goofy optimist provides a nice counterpoint to Maya Rudolph's portrayal of the more practical, introspective Verona. The two have a lovely chemistry together as a young couple expecting their first child.

On a quest to find the perfect place to put down roots and raise the child due in three months, Burt and Verona go on a cross-country journey. Their encounters with other families and relationships lead them to the realization that they aren't "fuck-ups" after all.

The entire cast is first-rate: Catherine O'Hara and Jeff Daniels as Burt's self-absorbed parents, Allison Janney as the loud and crass Lila and Maggie Gyllenhaal as dippy earth mother LN. Sam Mendes direction of the script by Dave Eggers and Vendela Vida explores the many variations of family dysfunction.

There are many very funny and over-the-top moments in the film, balanced with the more serious. Although some of the plot is fairly predictable--who couldn't see where the couple's journey would ultimately end?--there's enough whimsy and ingenuity to engage the viewer. The movie explores love and relationships and the meaning of "home." Combining the quirky indie spirit of Management with the hilarity of The Hangover, creating my favorite comedy of the summer (and most likely one of my top ten for the year...).

Go see it!


  1. Glad you loved it! Great cast. Must see this!

    I am also excited about Drea di Matteo coming to Wisteria Lane. Anxious to see who they cast as husband and teenage son.

  2. John Krasinski is very cute in this. Of course, he's no Gale Harold (wink, wink!), but I think you'll enjoy it.

    Drea is coming to DH? What awesome news! After Edie kicking the bucket, Wisteria Lane desperately needs a badass. Yay!