Friday, June 26, 2009

Stephen Colbert on Obama Stonewalling

So funny that this bit played after I watched two DVR'd episodes of Queer as Folk (Note to Colleen: Now I know where your Gale Harold and Scott Lowell lust comes from!):

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The Word - Stonewalling

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(What is going on with Colbert's right ear anyway?)

So hysterical. Love the the side captions...


  1. Another convert! Welcome aboard! Which 2 QAF eps? The 2-part pilot? I was just in another forum where someone marathoned through the whole 5-season series in four days! I do not recommend this. Savor it (and get some sleep).

    Just heard Scott will be in "Heroes" season premiere (only a cameo, alas).

    And I too saw the Colbert clip yesterday. Dear God that's a hoot. And all too true.

  2. The "DVRed" part of your post just registered. Rent the DVDs or see if you can download from netflix. Logo cuts the show to ribbons, especially Gale and Randy's scenes.

  3. I saw the episodes that dealt with the police chief running for mayor and Gale Harold spending $100k on the ad. Scott Lowell was a meth addict. (He's like Clooney and Jeremy Piven's lovechild, doncha think?)

    I haven't gotten completely hooked, although the moment where Hunter hugs his one gay "dad" when the other is helping him escape evil bio mom was very touching.

    As for Logo, I found it really amusing that most of the sexual stuff was left in, but the bleeped out any expletives.

  4. Oh, you have to start from the beginning (with the DVDs: Logo DOES cut the good stuff in Season 1). The season 3 conclusion you saw is good, but some of the best moments are earlier. The writing is best in the first season, too: more sustained arcs and good character development. Agitprop takes over later. The Season 1 finale is one of the best hours of TV I've ever seen, but you need to work up to it.