Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pharmacists are Hazardous to your Health

Am I the only one who has to deal with morons at the drugstore?

Last night I went to pick up some prescriptions that I had called in Saturday morning. As part of the automated refill process, I was asked to provide my phone number in case the pharmacy needed to contact me if there were any issues.

No call, so everything should be ready, right?


I get there and two out of three prescriptions are ready. They tell me they're out of the Armour Thyroid. This is the third time I've had the prescription refilled and each time they're "out." I usually get sixty 60 mg tablets; one tablet taken twice a day equals 120 mgs daily total. The first time I got the prescription refilled after transferring over from CVS, they didn't have the 60 mg, so it was 120 of the 30 mg tablet. Four tablets each day. Irritating but no big deal.

Next month it was the same thing. Excuse me--you've had a month to get the 60 mg in, what have you been doing? So annoying...

This time it wasn't the 60 mg they were out of--it was the 30 mg! (No surprise since my prescription alone requires 120 tablets for a month...) They actually had the 60 mg in stock, but couldn't fill my 120 mg daily dosage because now the record in their system says my prescription is for 4 30 mg tablets each day, not two 60 mg tablets.

Despite the fact that 1. the prescription was originally written for 2 60 mg tablets daily, 2. 120 mg is 120 mg total whether it's one 120 mg pill, two 60 mg pills, four 30 mg pills or eight 15 mg pills and 3. they have no issues substituting 4 30 mgs for the original prescription, they wanted to call my doctor to get her to approve the change.

Correction: they wanted to call my doctor to get permission to dispense the prescription as it was ORIGINALLY WRITTEN!!!


I finally badgered them into filling the prescription but it took over half an hour.

Rite-Aid sucks.

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