Thursday, June 11, 2009

Memos to Moron - part ten

Here I am, using the Abductor/Adductor machine. There you are waiting to use the same machine. I say waiting, but in fact you are HOVERING.

It's annoying.

When someone is using a machine that I want to use, I use another machine instead while I wait. It makes the time go faster and then neither I or my fellow gym rat have to deal with awkwardness.

If after using several machines said person is still using the machine I want to use, I may inquire as to when they might be finished. This is standard gym etiquette.

Unfortunately you are an inconsiderate moron. I say moron because your tactic of HOVERING is counterproductive. It does not encourage me to rush through my sets with expediency. In fact, it makes me go more SLOOOOOOOWLY.

Yeah, it's bitchy--but that's how I roll.

You've been warned. If I'm using a machine you want to use, you'll get to use it more quickly if you back off and do something more productive than hovering in my sight line.

I suggest using the ab machine. You look like you could use it.

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