Monday, June 8, 2009

I May Wear My Heart on My Sleeve....

...but at least I'm not stupid enough to post it as a status update on Facebook.

I just recently hid the feed of a friend whose status updates were so vitriolic that it made me physically ill to read them. I doubt I'm the only person she's offended or turned off with her right wing-nut ranting.

Hey people--you've a right to your beliefs (as idiotic as they may be...) and your politics. You can vote for whomever you like and subscribe to flights of fancy and conspiracy theories easily disproved by a quick visit to But please remove me from your forward list of the latest e-mail alerting me to how illegal immigrants and Islamic radicals are destroying America.

I'd rather suffer through pictures of LOL cats or even good luck chain letter than this ignorant crap.

Anyway, I don't have to read the ranting any more. But Facebook is a pretty public forum and more than just friends (or former friends...), so unless you're angling to be Ann Coulter's personal assistant or Rush Limbaugh's sober companion, you could be shooting yourself in the foot with your freaking status updates.

Facebook status updates are for announcing that you just ate some pistachio ice cream, or posted a movie review on your blog, or to muse about the weather. It's not a good place to have a political debate.

Especially when your knowledge of the subject is as glib and superficial as your knowledge of Flixster trivia...

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