Friday, November 28, 2008

Better than Retail Therapy!

It's Black Friday and the masses have descended on the malls. We all know retail therapy can make you FEEL good, but I've found a different kind of therapy that makes you LOOK good as well.

Therapy Systems.

I've been using two products from the recently re-formulated Line Tox line: and Line Tox for EyesLine Tox for Lips. Although the clinical sounding name represents the innovative and effective combination of ingredients in their products, the newly revised formulations of the Line Tox products eliminates parabens, mineral oil and phthalates so it's kinder and gentler to your skin and the environment as well.

In addition, Therapy Systems products are never tested on animals.

The Line Tox for Eyes claims to reduce puffy eyes in 15 days. It definitely made the skin around my eyes smoother! I was tempted to slather the rest of my face with it given how great the area around my eyes looked...

Apparently the active ingredient in Line Tox for Eyes is Eyeseryl®--a fast-acting, super-peptide complex specifically developed to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes and dark circles. In combination with hyaluronic acid, extracts of grapeseed, green tea and eybright and vitamin A, Line Tox for Eyes is a potent product for fighting the signs of aging where they show up first: the delicate skin around our eyes.

Line Tox for Eyes smells great, too. According to Therapy Systems:

"While most of our products do smell great, they do not have added fragrance or synthetic perfumes. Whenever any of our products have a scent, it is because that product contains an ingredient that smells good but that also actually does something."
I'm guessing the source of the scent in Line Tox for Eyes is the neroli oil.

Line Tox for Lips combines Argireline® and hyaluronic acid to increase collagen and elastin production. Imagine--increasing collagen without the injections! Nourishing moisturizers such as shea butter, aloe and allantoin are also featured ingredients--soothing and hydrating lips.

I definitely feels a slight tingling action when I apply this to my lips. Not a stinging Lip Venom irritation, but a more subtle feeling of activity. It makes my lips look smoother--and smoother lips look fuller and plumper.

Like the Line Tox for Eyes, Line Tox for Lips is a winner--and a keeper!

You can find Therapy Systems products at Henri Bendel, Blue Mercury stores, The Cosmetic Market and online at

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