Thursday, November 13, 2008

Even the Piemaker might not be able to revive this one...

Normally I'd be writing a recap/review of Pushing Daisies for this morning's post, but the quirky show has been preempted the past two weeks: last week by the election and this week by the CMAs.

Unfortunately, the show--which has been struggling to find an audience--may be drawing its last breath. There have been rumors of cancellation. If that's the case, creator Bryan Fuller is prepared to complete the story's arc--perhaps via cable or even through comic books.

If the series does suffer an untimely death, no doubt the talented people associated with it will land on their feet:

Fuller may return to writing for Heroes, Lee Pace is poised to be a major movie star (I know I will go see anything he's in!) and Kristin Chenoweth will go out and win yet another Tony award on Broadway.

So the only ones who will mourn the loss of the show are its fans.



  1. Oh, Stella. This has been bothering me for a week or so ever since I heard it might be canceled. I love this show! But as my husband put it: "It is original and smart, so of course it will be canceled." I hate when good shows don't get viewers (see Arrested Development). Sniff sniff...

    The saving grace is that I KNOW that Lee Pace probably won't even have down time before he gets booked for a few movies. I love him (as you know). And I would love to see Kristin back on Broadway, or TV, or a movie.

  2. I'm always sad to see a great show get canceled while drivel like The Bachelor get renewed season after season.

    I still am heartbroken over the loss of My So-Called Life (obviously it didn't hurt Claire Danes' career) and Cupid and I'm one of the few who enjoyed Studio 60.