Monday, November 3, 2008

Desperate Housewives - There's Always a Woman

Carlos' massage skills earn him the undying loyalty of one of his clients--a very rich older woman named Virginia Hildebrand who was the recipient of a massage which accidentally had a very happy ending. She invites Carlos to accompany her on a two month European tour as her personal masseur--at $50k a month!

Gaby insists on Carlos taking the gig--until she finds out why Virginia is so enamored with her husband's work. She confronts Virginia who claims that Carlos healed her--and her terminal loneliness. She then entices Gaby to come along on the trip and be her personal shopper. She tells Gaby she'll pay her in designer dresses. Thank god! Anything would be better that the Wal-mart wear Gaby has been wearing lately. Seems like Virginia might have an ulterior motive...

Susan is kvetching to her new painter about her situation with Jackson, who wisely advises her to work things out with her relationship. Susan is inspired to go to Jackson's place. When he doesn't answer the door, she lets herself in. (Who does this?!!!) Then, hearing the shower running, she decides to surprise Jackson by joining him (Again, I ask you--who DOES this?!!!). The surprise is on her when the occupant of the shower is not Jackson, but a woman he met and picked up the night before.

When Jackson arrives home, Susan lets him have it and exits in a huff. Jackson then shows up at her place to straighten things out and Susan declares she wishes they could start over from scratch. Jackson walks out of her house and then her cell phone rings. It's Jackson, pretending it's right after they first met, and asking her out.


Katherine's love life--or lack thereof--becomes an issue for Bree when she fears Katherine will move away to Maryland tobe with Dylan since nothing is going on in her life on Wisteria Lane. She gets the bright idea to set her up with Peter Hickey, the new client Orson scored for the business. Orson told Bree that Peter was his college roommate, but in actuality he was in prison with Orson--convicted for stealing organs and selling them on the black market. "If I'm not careful, this guy could end up stealing my heart!," a satisfied Katherine gushes to Bree. "If he does, please call!" a worried Bree replies.

Bree breaks the bad news to Katherine--and begs her not to leave. Katherine is touched by Bree's sisterly affection and agrees to stay. But her love life might be picking up soon--with the very available Mike Delfino!

Sisterly love was also evident with McCluskey and her sister Roberta. (Brilliant casting choice of Lily Tomlin!) The two tough old broads team up to find up what Dave Williams is up to.

They may be doing the detecting, but it's pretty obvious what Dave is up to. He confesses to Edie that his brother Steve was killed in prison by another inmate. Hmm--who do we know who was in prison? You might point out that Orson was in jail--but I'm pretty sure it's Mike that Dave is after. His pushiness is even making Mike a bit suspicious...

Suspicious minds are also an issue in the Scavo household. Lynette sees Tom with a hot blonde--only to find out that Anne Schilling is a realtor trying to rent Tom some rehearsal space for his garage band. When she finds out that Anne also helped furnish the new rehearsal space with a futon, she confronts Tom with her suspicion. Tom assures her and calms her down--but notices a condom wrapper on the floor.

But he condom wrapper isn't Tom's--it belongs to Porter. Tom makes up an excuse to Lynette and catches Porter wrapping up his assignation. He doesn't find out that Porter's partner in crime is none other than cougar Anne Schilling. But Lynette sees the hot blonde slipping out of her husband's rehearsal space in a state of disarray and immediately assumes the worst.

Guess we get to see that fight NEXT week.

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