Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More Thoughts on The 4400

Since Heroes was pre-empted this week due to the election, I've been continuing to catch up with The 4400, a sci-fi series that bears a striking resemblance to it.

The 4400 debuted July 2004 while Heroes broadcast his first episode September 2006. Is it possible Tim Kring was inspired or influenced by it?

I wonder...

1. The 4400 features characters with superhuman/supernatural powers as does Heroes.

2. Some of those powers include clairvoyance, mind control, telekinesis, healing--just like on Heroes. Although so far (I'm halfway through season three) I haven't seen anyone fly...

3. The 4400 featured a scene with a character who jumps off a building, only to get up and walk away unscathed. Very similar to Claire's early testing of her regeneration ability. The same character could cut her hand and watch it heal.

4. The 4400 has a scientist character who injects himself with a serum that creates abilities but comes with some nasty side effects--just like Mohinder in Heroes.

5. There's a time travel element in The 4400 similar to that of Heroes.

6. There are 4400s that use their powers for good and those that are evil--just like in Heroes.

7. Both The 4400 and Heroes are tasked with saving the world.

I really love Heroes, but I'm finding myself even more involved with this lesser known predecessor.

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