Saturday, November 8, 2008

Previously on Lost

Leave it to Jen Chaney to track down and write about the recap rock band (Seriously, isn't that a bit specialized?) Previously on Lost.

It's still almost three more months until LOST premieres its penultimate season. Until then, you can console yourself with POL and their song, Be My Constant.


  1. Lost, lost me. You could see the writers writing themselves into a corner and then trying to write themselves out. Geeesh! Is this any way to write a show?

  2. I still love LOST. Season three was a bit uneven although it did feature the Best. Season. Finale. EVER!

    I literally stood up and CHEERED when Hurley came crashing onto the beach in that van.

    I really liked season four although the poor freighter people's plotline suffered due to the writers strike.

    The writers (Lindelof and Cuse) say there's been a plan all along. I suggest re-watching season four and sticking around to see how seasons five and six (the last two--sigh!) pans out.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.