Friday, November 28, 2008

Vicariously Salivating...

Back east, this was what my sister prepared for Thanksgiving dinner:

"We had a turkey that I brined for two days and basted with maple syrup.

A dried fruit (figs, apricots, and tart cherries) stuffing.

Shallot and mushroom gravy with a ton of sherry and marsala for good measure.

Brussel sprouts roasted with butternut squash, cipollini onions and pancetta.

Sweet potato casserole (no mini-marshmallows here, I top it with apple wedges caramelized with brown sugar and butter and then top that with a pecan crumb topping… then I had more for breakfast this morning!).

Spinach casserole with a parmesan, gruyere gooey topping.

Mashed potatoes (I don’t eat them, but I figure that they are tradition to some).

And my intensely, immensely addictive cranberry sauce made with pinot noir, OJ, and spices including juniper berries!
On the west coast, this was my Thanksgiving dinner:

A take-out turkey sandwich from Cafe 50s, coleslaw, diet ginger ale and some squares of dark chocolate for dessert...

At least I don't have a food hangover...


  1. I was wondering how many peeps were having instant microwave turkey dinners Thursday ha

  2. Hmm...I would have been having a Trader Joe's Turkey Pot Pie, but there's been only chicken in their stores for the last couple of months...