Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pushing Daisies - Robbing Hood

Ned's father hasn't yet resurfaced on Pushing Daisies, but at the end of last night's episode Chuck's Dad was about to make an encore appearance after being dead for twenty years.

The potentially gruesome reunion between Chuck and her Dad was precipitated by the ongoing presence of the mysterious Dwight. Dwight, in the process of romancing Chuck's Aunt Vivian, discovers the perky waitress at the Pie-Hole is Vivian's recently deceased niece. He presents the evidence of his discovery--a laminated obituary--to Olive Snook who in turn alerts Ned and Chuck.

While Vivian is enchanted by the dashing Dwight, Lily is less than enthralled by the ex-con. "I don't trust him further than I can spit. And I can spit!" she declares to Olive. Later, she chases him off by aiming a shotgun at him telling him, "It's time to nip you in the budding romance."

Following Dwight's exit, she goes to visit niece/daughter Charlotte's grave only to be distressed to find freshly overturned dirt. She assumes--correctly--that Dwight dug up Chuck's grave to retrieve the pocketwatch that was buried with her. Dwight is in possession of Chuck's father's watch--but the only thing he found when he dug up her grave was an empty coffin.

Lily goes to Dwight's hotel room and finds the watch and steals it back. Upon seeing that the watch is missing, Dwight assumes Chuck took it and sets out after her--armed with a rifle.

My favorite parts of the show:

Olive Snook channeling Zsa Zsa Gabor as she plays the part of a Hungarian heiress to set a sting.

Chuck explaining to Ned and Emerson why she let Rob Wright go: "It was an act of charity--there were puppies involved!"

Ned sulking while the trio spies on the widow Hofer: "Stakeouts are only fun when there are binoculars for everyone."

Next week's episode seems to be taking a page from Seinfeld--but instead of the "Soup Nazi" it's the "Waffle Nazi."

Only six episode left. Sigh.

No waffles for you!

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