Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Save Billy!

This is from my friend Dave, who works at the Los Angeles Zoo.

How cool is that? How many people do YOU know who work at a ZOO?!!!

(If your workplace SEEMS like a zoo, that doesn't count!)

Without further ado, I give you Dave:


Dear America:

Right now, pretty much as we speak, animal rights people are on the verge of elephant-napping. Billy the Elephant, who has lived at the Los Angeles Zoo for decades, was just weeks away from moving into his new home at the Zoo when people whom I disagree with somehow managed to get the Los Angeles City Council to rethink the move.

How the heck did they do that? Two years ago the Mayor asked the council to look into whether Billy should move and the council voted 10 to 2 to leave him be.

What changed? Nothing. It’s just that the zoo is close to providing Billy his new home and I don’t know how the heck they have stirred the pot again.

But it’s our job as elephant supporters to stand up for Billy and be counted. Let him stay in the world he knows. The zoo has spent $10 million of a total of $40 million or so to give him a new home. We must finish Billy’s home for his sake.

Now some people say this new home isn’t big enough. But this new home is as big as the one at the San Diego Zoo but they’re not trying to close them down—yet. The Association of Zoos and Aquariums supports this new home at the zoo. And if you would take the time to educate yourself about this, you would too!

Let’s stop tearing our zoos apart and build them. Let’s provide zoos the resources they need to help the animals of this world survive. And thrive. And educate. And perpetuate.

Once they take Billy away who will be next? The lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Billy is a living symbol of what we can do to help others like him. Elephants are disappearing from this world, and Asian elephants more than the others. And in order to help get the word out we can have Billy help us. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Check out—L.A. Zoo.org.

And then write to your council members and let them know you want Billy to stay home, and not be elephant-napped.

Or you can see the Council Meeting at YouTube.

Take a stand for Billy.

I know that if he could take a stand for you he would. He’s that kind of elephant.

dave k."

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