Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Heroes - The Eclipse, Part 1

Somehow they're planning to drag this storyline out over two episodes. Last night was about the Heroes (and villains) losing their powers. No doubt next week, their powers will return.

Claire wasn't the only one who realized she was the catalyst--Arthur enlists Sylar to retrieve the indestructible teen. Elle volunteers to tag along and help. "Let's go get the cheerleader!" she says.

Not quite the same ring as "Save the cheerleader, save the world"--I guess villains aren't as good with slogans.

Over in the camp of the good guys, Nathan and Peter are off to get the Haitian, Matt Parkman needs to find Hiro and Claire is delivered to the care of dear old Dad.

Matt has the easiest job as Hiro and Ando deliver themselves right to his doorstep. Ando asks Matt to "fix" Hiro--who still thinks he's ten. Matt attempts to do his brain mojo thingy but he can't read Hiro's mind 'cuz it's all in Japanese.

Kind of a limited ability there, Parkman.

Meanwhile, Daphne's surprised to see Ando alive. And Ando is just as surprised to see the Nemesis at Parkman's place. "I'm not a nemesis, I'm a good guy now," Daphne tells him. But Daphne freaks out when Hiro shows no hope of improvement and she speedsters right back to Lawrence, Kansas. Hiro, Ando and Matt teleport to a corn field outside of Daphne's family home and then the eclipse comes and strips them of their powers.

Hiro and Ando set off in search of a comic book store in order to see what's coming up next for them. At Sam's Comics they not only find the latest issue of Hiro's adventures, but Seth Green as well. Back at Daphne's farm, Matt gives a sappy speech through the door (thank god it didn't include the line, "You complete me...") and Daphne tells him to come in. Without her powers, she's not only not a speedster, she can barely walk and needs leg braces and crutches to even move about.

The eclipse also affects Nathan and Peter who plummet into a body of water on their way to track down the Haitian. The Haitian is tracking down a Level 5 escapee by the name of Samedi. As it turns out, Samedi is the Haitian's brother. Which begs the question:

How is it that the Haitian's brother has a name, while the Haitian is merely known as the Haitian?

Even without his powers, Samedi is powerful enough to capture Nathan. He was waiting for Senator Petrelli's arrival having been tipped off by Nathan's Daddy Dearest, Arthur. Arthur in turn was tipped off by the duplicitous Tracy. But Angela seems to know what Tracy is up to...

The only one experiencing positive benefits from the eclipse is Mohinder, who stops molting. After peeling off a gooey slime, Mohinder appears to be cured. He still has to deal with Arthur and company--who are pissed and want their powers back.

Claire and Noah hide-out at Stephen Canfield's (aka Vortex Man) house and have some father-daughter bonding time as Noah teaches Claire how to power kick ass. Sylar and Elle are re-enacting their own twisted version of True Romance, but when they show up to snatch Claire they are left powerless by the eclipse. Elle grabs a gun and shoots the cheerleader--who can no longer heal herself.

Noah kicks the $@#% out of Sylar and scoops his daughter up and runs out the door. Noah manages to get Claire home and stop her bleeding, but when he leaves to take care of some unfinished business she starts hemorrhaging badly again.

Elle helps set Sylar's broken bone and they two share a passionate kiss (Like we didn't see THAT coming!) while Noah Bennet trains the scope of a high-powered rifle on them.

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